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2015 Tackle Football Registration Ends




As a reminder, there will be NO LATE REGISTRATION for TACKLE CHEER. Registration closes June 1st, 2015.  FLAG FOOTBALL will cap at 60 registrants. FLAG CHEER will remain open until July with no cap.  If you sign up to coach, please be sure to visit the  "COACHES" link and register or you will not be permitted to coach.  Thank you and GO FOXES!!



As  a reminder, there will be no NO LATE REGISTRATION for tackle football athletes. Registration will close on 3/31/2015 for tackle football athletes. Tackle coaches will have until 8/1/2015 to register. Let's go FOXES!!


Welcome to YYTF 2015!

As Yorkville Youth Tackle Football and Cheerleading continues to evolve, we are always searching for new and innovative ways to improve upon our organization. For the past four years, we have competed in the Midwest Youth Football Conference, which included teams from DeKalb, Kaneland, and Burlington. The upcoming 2015 season brings even bigger changes as the conference will add teams from Naperville (St. Raphael’s), Oswego, Plano, and Sandwich, and for the first time since its inception, MYFC will offer 7th and 8th grade football competition.

As we move into 2015 with expanded conference play, our objectives—as always—are to make greater gains from a competitive perspective against our MYFC opponents and have even more teams vie for the championship!

The structure for the 2015 season will remain relatively the same as last year. The MYFC is made up of single age groups: 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 7th grade, and 8th grade. The ages will be based on school year, so your child will play with his/her classmates. Similar to last season, we will allow 7 year olds to play with the 8u teams.  One key difference this season is that at least one YYTF 7th grade team will play with the MYFC along with a YMS schedule team.  At this point, 8th grade football will remain with YMS.

Also, like last season, we should have at least two flights of teams per age level: a red flight and a black flight, if our registration continues to grow.  One big change for our families in 2015, however, is that based on MYFC changes, there is no sibling flight. We will have similar rules of play in terms of weight limits, based on conference regulations. While the final weight limits have not yet been finalized by the conference, they will be approximately the same as last season’s weight restrictions. For further rules of play, please see the MYFC website.

The 2015 season for our 7th grade travel schedule will be structured similarly to last season.  In order to pragmatically develop players’ football skills and guarantee even more playing time for each athlete, one 7th grade team will play a schedule similar to the YMS 8th grade schedule, while another one or two 7th grade teams—depending on registration numbers—will play an MYFC schedule. This will allow more players to see the field on a regular basis and will foster a greater sense of success and achievement.

Flag Football is returning in 2015 for its third season with YYTF.  Our Flag program is for 5 & 6 year olds, as well as 7 year olds who feel they are not ready to begin the tackle program.  This program is structured as an in-house flag football program. Our athletes will learn the Yorkville football terminology and run designed plays used by the Yorkville High School Varsity team.  By competing in the YYTF Flag Football program, our athletes will learn the game in the Yorkville tradition, which will allow for a smoother transition to tackle football in the years to come.

All YYTF teams will be drafted the same way we have done in the past to guarantee parity between the teams. All kids will be evaluated and drafted to a team. There are no tryouts, and there are no cuts.

Overall, it is our hope to capture the spirit of an in-house league which emphasizes play time and development, and still give every child the opportunity of a “travel” experience. Each team will have a minimum of 8 games. At the end of regular season games, we will have playoffs and a “Super Bowl” for those teams competing in the MYFC.

As we begin preparations for the 2015 season, please note the new YYTF registration dates, fee structure, fundraising obligation, and general policies. Also, please see below for equipment pick-up and practice start dates.  Key points this season are as follows:

  • Registration for tackle football opens on February 1 and will close on March 31. Athletes who wish to play tackle football must be 7 years old by 9/1/15 to participate this season.
  • To secure your athlete’s spot on a tackle football team, you MUST register before March 31. THERE IS NO LATE REGISTRATION.
  • Cheerleading and Flag Football registration will open April 1. 
  • For the tackle program, the registration fee for tackle football players is $225 for your family’s first player and $200 for your family’s second and subsequent player.
  • All tackle football and cheer athletes must submit a current health physical. Please look under the "Football" or "Cheer" tab on the yytf.org website to download a copy of this form.
  • All TACKL E FOOTBALL PLAYERS ONLY must submit a copy of their birth certificate; originals will not be accepted. Cheerleaders do not need to supply a birth certificate.
  • For the tackle football program, all sports physicals, birth certificates, and an additional $150 equipment/volunteer (DIBS) deposit check (per athlete) MUST be submitted during equipment handout.  For Cheerleaders, all sports physicals and an additional $150 equipment/volunteer (DIBS) deposit check (per athlete) MUST be submitted during equipment handout.  Equipment will not be given out to your athlete unless you present all of these items. The $150 check deposit will be fully refunded to you at the end of the season when you return your equipment and complete your required volunteer (DIBS) hours. You will also have the option to pay $150 (per athlete) up front and opt out of any volunteer requirements.  There are no volunteer (DIBS) hours required for Flag Football.
  • New this year:  There will be a fundraiser.  You will be REQUIRED to sell $100 worth of raffle tickets for your first and second child. If you do not wish to sell raffle tickets, then you can opt to “buy out” of the fundraiser.  The buyout option is $50 for your first and second child.  There is no required fundraiser for Flag Football athletes. More details on this year’s fundraiser will follow soon.
  • Equipment handout dates are July 23 and 24 at YMS. Times are to be determined.
  • Practices for Tackle Football begin July 27.  All practices are held at Rotary Park on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 5:30 pm—7:30 pm.
  • All home games will be played at Yorkville Middle School. A complete schedule of games for the 2015 season will be available in mid-August. Watch the website for additional information, dates, and DIBs volunteer opportunities.
  • Like last season, weekly "weigh-ins" will be conducted prior to each game. For all of the conference's rules and regulations, check out the MYFC website at http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=myfc.
  • In accordance of school district policy, tobacco products and dogs are not allowed at any YYTF practices or games. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please continue to check our website on a regular basis for further news and details. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email located on our website. We are always open to suggestions that you may have for improving our organization. Finally, if you are looking to get involved with YYTF, please contact me directly via email.

As always, thank you for your support and dedication to YYTF. We are very excited about the upcoming changes to YYTF this season and look forward to the continued pursuit of excellence from our athletes and coaches as they compete in 2015.

We look forward to another great season in 2015! Go Foxes!

Shawn Schumacher

YYTF President

Home: (630) 553-5415

Cell: (630) 362-0918


YYTF Welcomes Partnership with Kraus Athletic Development, Inc.

YYTF is proud to announce a new partnership with Kraus Athletic Development, Inc., owned and operated by Thomas Kraus.  Tom has over 19 years of coaching and teaching in public education and has served as a coach for the Yorkville Wrestling Club. 

KAD is offering YYTF athletes specialized training for individuals or groups that includes the following fitness training:

*Plyometric Training

*Agility Training                                                      

*Strength Training                  


*Cross Fit Style Development                   

*Nutrition Tips

KAD is located in Yorkville at the Bare Bones Cross Fit facility and offers YYTF families discounted monthly rates as follows:

Single Person Fee:  2 training sessions per week for $90 (regularly $100)

Single Person Fee:  3 or more sessions per week for $108 (regularly $120)

2 Family Members:  2 training sessions per week $81 per person (regularly $90)

2 Family Members:  3 or more sessions per week $85 per person (regularly $100)

3 Family Members:  2 training sessions per week $77 per person

3 Family Members:  3 or more sessions per week $81 per person

If interested, call Tom Kraus at (630) 772-0194 to register your YYTF athlete for upcoming training sessions.  You may also visit the KAD website at www.krausathleticdevelopment.com to learn more.  When registering, be sure to mention that you are a YYTF athlete.

YYTF welcomes our partnership with Kraus Athletic Development, Inc. and look forward to many rewarding years with KAD!

YYTF Welcomes Partnership with Carpe Diem Sports Enhancement

Yorkville Youth Tackle Football is proud to announce a new partnership with Carpe Diem Sports Enhancement, founded by CEO Tavian Banks, former NFL player with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New Orleans Saints and Heisman Trophy Candidate while at the University of Iowa.  Tavian is an elite trainer, specializing in training programs for all ages and certified as a Nike/Sparq Certified Trainer.

Carpe Diem is offering YYTF athletes specialized training for individual or group sessions, which includes fitness training to improve:

*Speed                       *Balance

*Core Strength            *Coordination                 

*Agility                         *Conditioning

Carpe Diem will provide YYTF families a discounted rate of $125 for 8 1-hour training sessions per month.  The regular rate at Carpe Diem is $150 for 8 1-hour training sessions.  Registration is now open to receive this special offer. 

If interested, please call Tavian Banks at (630) 383-9607 to register your YYTF athlete for upcoming training sessions.  For further information, you may also visit the Carpe Diem website at www.carpediemsports.com.  When registering, be sure to mention that you are a current YYTF athlete.


YYTF welcomes our partnership with Carpe Diem Sports Enhancement and look forward to many rewarding years with Carpe Diem!

Go Foxes! Seize the Day!



Football games will be played in the rain unless lightening is present.  All athletes are to report to your scheduled game or practice field at the scheduled time.  Most games are cancelled at the field because it is impossible to know if the weather will clear by game time.  We will try our best to get games in, even if they are a bit delayed. Unless you have been contacted by your coach, consider your game/practice to still be scheduled.


Rush-Copley generously donated a new scoreboard. We thank them for their commitment to our community!