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Tackle Football

The YYTF Tackle football program is recommended for athletes ages 7 through 7th grade.

It is recommended that athletes between the ages of 5 & 6 register in the YYTF flag football program.

As Yorkville Youth Tackle Football and Cheerleading continues to evolve, we are always searching for new and innovative ways to improve upon our organization. For the past five years, we have competed in the Midwest Youth Football Conference, which include teams from DeKalb, Kaneland, Burlington, Oswego, Sandwich, and Naperville (St Raphael's).

As we move into our second year of expanded conference play, our objectives—as always—are to make greater gains from a competitive perspective against our MYFC opponents and have even more teams vie for the championship!

The structure for the 2018 season will somewhat be the same as last year. The MYFC is still made up of single age groups: 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 7th grade, and 8th grade. However new this year the levels will be based on Grade with a cut off date of June 1st.  This will allow most children to play with his/her classmates. For example if your child will be in 4th grade starting the 2017 school year but 10 years old with a birthdate after June 1st then he or she would be allowed to play 9U. If birthdate is before June 1st then they would have to play 10U. If your football player is 12 years old and in 6th grade, they will play with the 11U team no matter their date of birth.  Similar to last season, we will allow 7 year olds to play with the 8u teams.  At this point, 8th grade football will remain with YMS.

Also, like last season, we will have at least two flights of teams at the 8U and 9U level.  The number of teams for the 10U, 11U, and 7th grade flight will be determined largely on the skill set at each level.   We will have similar rules of play in terms of weight limits, based on conference regulations. While the final weight limits have not yet been finalized by the conference, they will be approximately the same as last season’s weight restrictions. For further rules of play, please see the MYFC website.

The 2018 season for our 7th grade travel schedule will be structured similarly to last season.  In order to pragmatically develop players’ football skills and guarantee even more playing time for each athlete, one 7th grade team will play a schedule similar to the YMS 8th grade schedule, while another one or two 7th grade teams—depending on registration numbers—will play an MYFC schedule. This will allow more players to see the field on a regular basis and will foster a greater sense of success and achievement.

Flag Football is returning in 2018 for its sixth season with YYTF.  Our Flag program is for 5 & 6 year olds.  This program is structured as an in-house flag football program. Our athletes will learn the Yorkville football terminology and run designed plays used by the Yorkville High School Varsity team.  By competing in the YYTF Flag Football program, our athletes will learn the game in the Yorkville tradition, which will allow for a smoother transition to tackle football in the years to come.

All YYTF teams will be drafted the same way we have done in the past to guarantee parity between the teams. All kids will be evaluated and drafted to a team. There are no tryouts, and there are no cuts.

We look forward to another great season in 2018! Go Foxes!

Derek Zook

YYTF President

Cell: (630) 272-2329     

Regular Season Football Information

MYFC Age Requirements

Player eligibility will be based on the following criteria:

8U/3G:  Any player in third grade or lower during the season, but no player who turned 9 before June 1 of that calendar year.

 9U/4G:  Any player in fourth grade or lower during the season, but no player who turned 10 before June 1 of that calendar year.

 10U/5G:  Any player in fifth grade or lower during the season, but no player who turned 11 before June 1 of that calendar year.

 11U/6G:  Any player in sixth grade or lower during the season.

 12U/7G:  Any player in seventh grade or lower during the season.

 13U/8G:  Any player in eighth grade or lower during the season. 


Football games will be played in the rain unless lightening is present.  All athletes are to report to your scheduled game or practice field at the scheduled time.  Most games are cancelled at the field because it is impossible to know if the weather will clear by game time.  We will try our best to get games in, even if they are a bit delayed. Unless you have been contacted by your coach, consider your game/practice to still be scheduled.