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Athlete ImPACT Testing

Rush Copley Sports Medicine has partnered with YYTF to provide ImPACT testing. This testing is available for all football and cheer athletes in the NIUYFL league.  Please note that ImPACT testing is completely optional and not required by YYTF. This type of testing is becoming more routine in all athletics and is regularly used at the high school level of sports. This test provides physicians with a clear before and after snapshot of brain functioning before and potentially after any concerns over head injuries.  This type of testing provides a clearer method of diagnosis and treatment of head injuries.

As a sponsor of the YYTF program, Rush Copley has agreed to offer the initial testing for all athletes in the NIUYFL league for $25, less than half the standard cost. This cost must be paid in cash at the time of service.

ImPACT is a sophisticated, research-based computer test developed to help clinicians evaluate an athlete’s recovery following a concussion.  Impact testing is currently offered to all high school athletes in Yorkville. This testing is only recommended for athletes 5 years and older. It has not been found to be effective for athletes under 5.

Athetes that choose to participate in ImPACT testing are given a 30 minute baseline computer test. If a concussion is suspected during the season, a follow-up test is administered to see if the results have changed. This comparison helps to diagnose and manage the concussion. Follow-up tests can be administered over days or weeks so clinicians can continue to track the athlete’s recovery from the injury. ImPACT can help answer difficult questions about an athlete’s readiness to return to play, protecting them from the potentially serious consequences of returning too soon.

If you are interested in scheduling this testing, you must schedule an appointment prior to the start of the upcoming football season. This test can be completed at the Rush Copley Healthcare Center in Yorkville. To schedule a test, please call 630-236-4270 and indicate that you are interested in ImPACT testing. You can find more information on this testing at However to receive the special Rush Copley special reduced testing rate, you must schedule testing through the number provided above.

Use the link on this page to download and print information on ImPACT testing.

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